Loupe helps restaurants grow with loyal diners.

Fill your seats.
Earn more money.
Grow your restaurant.

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Introducing Loupe!

A new loyalty system for
sit-down restaurants

Create loyal diners
Reward repeat visitors
Track diner habits
Fill your seats on slow nights
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Loyal diners spend
67% more than new ones.

Loupe's innovative loyalty system provides a digital solution for rewarding and retaining diners.

Integrated. Easy. Proven.

Seamless Integration.

Loupe easily integrates with most point-of-sale systems.

Easy to Use.

Loupe doesn't disrupt diners or staff.

Proven Results.

Loupe helps you grow your restaurant with loyal diners.


Loupe gives restaurants analytics and insights to know your diners better.

Grow your restaurant with
loyal diners and Loupe.

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