Turn every customer into a loyal regular

Loupe Loyalty is effortless marketing for sit-down restaurants

Fill your seats with customers
when you need them most

Automated Marketing
Schedule Promotions
Reward Responsibly
No extra work for staff

Effortless marketing for sit‑down restaurants

The restaurant industry has become a crowded marketplace; customers have more options than ever. Staying top-of-mind and relevant has never been so challenging.

Ever you wish you could attract customers when you need them most? Or bring them back more often?

Well, now you can, with Loupe Loyalty.

Loupe Loyalty's unique combination of smart, effortless marketing tools has a proven ROI and requires less than ten seconds from both customers and staff. Your pockets are going to love it.

Three tools for killer
restaurant marketing

Loupe Loyalty Check Presenter

Loyalty program

Customers sign up for your loyalty program right at the table using their phone number

Dollars spent at your restaurant earn your customers Points in your loyalty program. Points may be redeemed to claim the unique Perks that your restaurant offers. We help you build a loyalty program that respects your profit margins and rewards your customers responsibly.
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Text messaging and Loupe Loyalty mobile app

Text message marketing

Start marketing directly to your customers

Loupe Loyalty sends automated reminders to your customers, bringing them back to your restaurant, and you can schedule marketing promotions to drive traffic to your restaurant when it’s slow.
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Loupe Loyalty Dashboard


The dashboard is where you manage your custom Loupe Loyalty program and schedule promotions and custom text messages. Know how many customers you brought in and how much extra revenue they generated.

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Smart marketing
is smart business

Learn how Loupe Loyalty can help
you fill your restaurant on demand

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Stay ahead of the trend


of customers want loyalty

Customers say their restaurant selection is guided by availability of a loyalty program.


engagement with Loupe Loyalty

Customers are signing up at the table using Loupe Loyalty in restaurants across America.


of restaurants embrace loyalty

A majority of restaurants are projected to adopt loyalty technology by the end of 2017.